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Covenant Information


What are you looking for?


 You may view/download the Guidelines at
Architectural Guidelines

(Guidelines are not permitted to be reproduced for the purpose of resale.)

The Long Reach Village Covenants state that the following are subject to the review of the Long Reach Architectural Committee

  • anything which materially changes the exterior appearance of any lot or any structure

  • any use other than the originally intended use of any lot or structure

  • any matter which involves the maintenance of any lot or structure

These alterations to your property require approval by the Resident Architectural Committee (RAC), which meets every other Wednesday at 7:30 p.m. at Stonehouse.  Applications need to be submitted by noon two weeks before the meeting at which they will be voted on.  For example, an application to be voted on at the June 25 meeting must be at Stonehouse by NOON on Wednesday, June 11.  Meeting dates for 2008/2008 are listed below.  Some simple alterations may be processed through the Fast Track application process, which can result in speedier approval. 

Exterior Alteration Application and In-home Business Application forms and a helpful Guideline Booklet can be picked up at Stonehouse during normal business hours.  Application forms can also be downloaded from this website by clicking on the "Application" button.  This download requires Adobe Reader.  If you don't have the Adobe Reader program, you can download it free of charge from www.adobe.com.

Residents are encouraged to attend RAC meetings or send written comments about any application.  

Spring Reminders:
This is a good time to walk around your house and inspect the building & yard for spring repair projects ~ Look for mildew or discoloration, peeling or rotting items, leaves in the gutters, leftover weeds, fallen limbs and any items that need to be picked up and discarded.  Yard Waste Recycling Collection begins April 1st.

  • Any change to the exterior of your house or property requires approval by the Long Reach Architectural Committee BEFORE the change is made.

  • The economy has sparked an increased interest in home vegetable gardens.  Remember that any garden plots exceeding 1/4 of the rear yard or 150 square feet (which ever is smaller) need annual approval by the Architectural Committee.  No approval is needed for smaller garden plots.

  • All residents who live on a street with a cul de sac circle are jointly responsible for weeding and mowing the the plants & grass in the circle.

  • If you are having work done on your home or yard, please remind your contractor that posting business advertisement signs on your property is a violation of the Covenants.

  • Thinking about going green?  Village Guidelines address the rules regarding environmentally friendly alterations such as clothes lines, compost bins, solar panels, and rain barrels. 
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Application Processing:
Any Exterior Alteration Application submitted which is not complete will be neither stamped "received" nor logged in and will be returned to the property owner for completion. This may delay the processing of your application by as much as two weeks! Please follow the checklist attached to the Exterior Alteration Application to ensure that your Application is complete and will not be returned.  Back To Top

Need a copy of your plot plan?
A location survey and/or plot plan was provided at the time of settlement.  Check your settlement documentation for a copy.  If you cannot locate the settlement papers, your Lending Institution should have a copy.  You can also call the Clerk of the Court, Land Records Division at 410/313-2111 to research the property. 
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Legal/Resale Documents
The price for purchasing the legal documents is $20.80.  These documents are needed when you sell your home.  The Long Reach Community Association, Inc. Legal/Resale Documents contain information regarding the Village of Long Reach.  In addition to the Long Reach documents, you are required to have the Columbia Association Legal/Resale documents.  The price for the CA documents is $4.20.  Both sets of documents can be purchased at Stonehouse (We accept cash or check only).

If you reside in a townhouse or condominium, please contact your management company or your association board chair for their legal documents.    Back To Top

"For Sale" Signs
"For Sale" signs and/or Directional signs to homes for sale, be it realtor's signs or private signs, are not to be displayed in right-of-ways, median strips, etc. until Friday afternoon and then removed by noon on Monday.  The village complies with Howard County sign laws.  "For Sale" signs may be displayed on your property.  Please contact Stonehouse if there are any concerns.  Sold, Under Contract, etc. signs are NOT ALLOWED. 
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CA Assessment
Looking for CA Assessment information - call 410/715-3138.    Back To Top

Miss Utility         
Residents are reminded to call Miss Utility, 1-800/257-7777 at least 48 hours before digging for the location of all gas, electric, telephone, cable and water lines.  This service is free of charge.  Residents are also responsible for checking with the County to see if a permit is required for their exterior alteration by calling 410/313-2455.     Back To Top

Homeowner Rehab Loans
The Howard County Department of Housing and Community Development offers low interest or deferred loans to assist low and moderate-income property owners rehabilitate their homes.  Eligibility is limited by income guidelines.  For more information or to see if you qualify, please phone 410/313-6318.     Back To Top

Letter of Compliance Information
Letter of Compliance Request Forms have a checklist of what to look for around your house and property before you submit the request. This may help avoid delays and letter of non-compliance.  To download a Letter of Compliance Request Form, click here  
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What to look for before you ask for a letter of compliance...

Are all items installed approved by the Architectural Committee?
1. Landscape edging - wood, brick, rock, etc.
2. Landscaping - ground cover beds, groups of trees and/or shrubs, annual/perennial gardens
3. Landscape walls, railroad ties, "castle rock," stacked fieldstone, etc.
4. Pathways - slate, paver blocks, etc.
5. Window boxes on the house or deck rail
6. Color changes to any part of the house, garage or shed
7. Decks or patios - if builder-installed we will not have a record of it and will require application and approval
8. Replacement windows - if a different color or style or if grids have been added or removed
9. Basketball poles
10. Radon remediation pipes
11. Paint or stain on the deck

Do you have items which are unlikely to be approved or which require an exception to the guidelines?
1. Any unapproved wire fencing
2 .A basketball pole less than ten feet from the curb or nearest property line.
3. Windows with no grids in a colonial style home.
4. Any shed not located behind the house
5. Any man-made decorative item located in the front yard - small or large statuary/ornaments such as bunnies, bird feeders, etc.

Is there maintenance to be done?
1. Weed landscape beds and trim the grass, including at house and fence lines and at landscape bed edges
2. Install missing window screens
3. Replace broken light fixture covers
4. Scrape and paint peeling house or window trim
5. Clean mildew or mold from siding
6. Rake and dispose of leaves
7. Remove any miscellaneous scattered items in the yard or around the house
8. Repair or replace leaning or broken fences, broken gates, deck rails., etc.
9. Remove and replace dead trees /shrubs
10. Move trash and recycling bins to the rear yard

In addition, there is a line for the homeowner to sign acknowledging that the homeowner has read the Letter of Explanation on the reverse of the Request Form. Any request submitted without this signature will be returned and may cause a delay of ten to 14 days.    Back To Top

Understanding the Process For Letters of Compliance
    On an average day, the Long Reach Village Covenant Advisors understand that most residences will not be in full compliance with every single one of the Village Covenants. That is because something as minor as a bag of mulch sitting in your front yard can cause you to be in violation of the Covenants. It is a different story when residents request a Letter of Compliance before selling their property. A Letter of Compliance is a legal document that assures anyone interested in buying your property that, on the date issued, there were no Covenant violations on the property for which a new owner would be held responsible. We do a close and careful inspection of the property before certifying that any property is fully in compliance with the Covenants.
    If you are considering putting your house on the market, keep in mind these tips to make the process of obtaining a Letter of Compliance easier. First, give the Covenant Advisors as much advance time as you can when requesting a Letter of Compliance. It generally takes several weeks for us to inspect the property, and it may take several more weeks for the property to be brought into full compliance with the Covenants. Second, make sure any major or minor alterations to your property have been approved by the Architectural Committee – or apply now for approval. This includes alterations such as the addition of a flag bracket, window boxes, landscape ties or color changes to the house, shutters, door or trim. Even if the alteration was on the property when you purchased the house, it may not necessarily have been approved. When in doubt, check with our office. Third, make sure your property is properly maintained, with the grass mowed, leaves raked and any needed repairs or painting completed.
    Our office can provide you with a suggested list of items to look for and correct before requesting a Letter of Compliance. Often, a minor violation of the Covenants can be corrected quickly by the homeowner and a Letter of Compliance issued. On the other hand, if a violation of the Covenants is discovered as a result of our inspection, the violation must be corrected by the current or new owner of the property. 
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You can now download forms from our web site!

Exterior Alteration Application
In-Home Business Application
Deck Worksheet
Fence Worksheet
Major Alteration Worksheet
Letter of Compliance Form

These downloads require Adobe Reader.  If you don't have the Adobe Reader program, you can download it free of charge from www.adobe.com.
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The next regularly scheduled RAC meeting will be
June 23, 2010 - 7:30 pm*
*RAC previews the agenda for the following meeting (July 7) at 7 pm to see if any addition information or site visits are required for the applications.
This agenda is believed to be accurate and complete but items may be added or removed prior to the meeting.  Please call the Covenant Advisor, 410/730-8113, if you wish to confirm the agenda listing or have other questions about the meeting. 


Results of the June 9, 2010 Meeting:

LR13165 6157 Shining Rock Remove Deck; Remove Tree; Shed; Patio Approved as Amended & As Exception II
LR13177 6205 Bird Race Swing Set Approved as Amended
LR13182 5415 Watercress Place Screened Room Approved Step II
LR13187 5467 Watercress Place Satellite Dish Approved  
LR13188 8799 Hayshed Lane Privacy Fence Approved
LR13189 5759 Flagflower Place Replace Windows Approved
LR13190 6244 April Brook Circle Remove Tree Approved
LR13191 8440 Oak Bush Terrace Landscaping Approved
LR13192 8507 Black Star Circle Deck Approved
LR94193 6420 Saddle Drive Remove Tree & Shrubs Approved
LR94194 5508 Luckpenny Place Replace Roof; Gutters; Skylight Approved
LR13195 5508 Luckpenny Place Driveway; Sidewalk Approved
LR13196 8531 Dark Hawk Circle French Drains Approved
LR13197 5705 Phelps Luck Drive Landscaping; Paver Pathways Approved
LR13198 6143 Silver Arrows Way Privacy Fence Approved
LR13199 8999 Queen Maria Court Privacy Fence Postponed
LR13200 5363 Stormdrift Retaining Wall; Solar Lights; Sideway; Front Entry Approved
LR13201 8920 Blade Green Lane Deck Approved
LR13202 8104 Sea Water Path Replace Windows, Siding Trim, Gutters Approved
LR13203 CA Art Center Security Lights Approved
LR13204 5473 Luckpenny Place Shed Postponed
LR13205 5447 High Tor Hill Remove Tree Approved
LR13206 9258 Red Cart Court Deck; Privacy Panel Approved
LR13205 King Charles Commons Remove/Replace 4 Trees Approved
LR13206 5630 Sheerock Court Deck; Screened Porch Approved Step I

Agenda for the June 23, 2010 Meeting

LR13204 5473 Luckpenny Place Shed
LR13209 5546 Windysun Court Deck
LR13210 8775 Sage Brush Way Tree
LR13211 8140 Sea Water Path Patio
LR13212 8447 Oak Bush Terrace Replace Front Door
LR13213 5352 Red Lake Court Privacy Fence
LR13214 6373 Gray Sea Way Paver Pads
LR13215 6373 Deep River Canyon Remove 2 Trees
LR94216 King Charles Commons Replace Step Path
LR94217 9002 Blue Pool Siding
LR13218 5722 Old Buggy Court Patio; Landscaping
LR13219 8567 Window Latch  Shed
LR13220 6222 Greenblade Garth  Remove Landscape Edging
LR13221 5705 Phelps Luck Drive   
LR13222 5530 Coltsfoot Court Privacy Fence

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You can contact Darlene Brown, Covenant Advisor or Maryann Cohea, Covenant Advisor at

Long Reach Community Association
8775 Cloudleap Court, Columbia MD 21045
410/730-8113 or 301/596-3265
FAX:  410/730-5882
EMAIL:  info@longreach.org

Monday - Friday     9:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.

Fast Track

The Village Board has adopted program called Fast Track, for faster processing of some exterior alterations.  Fast Track began on May 1, 2001.  Information and application forms for Fast Track are available, along with the regular Exterior Alteration Application and In-home Business Application, by clicking on the Application button.

Fast Track Summary

This process was developed to shorten processing time for certain standard exterior alterations.  Applications from townhouse or condominiums must include the local association signature with "approval" or "disapproval" circled on the application. 

Applications for consideration for Fast Track must be submitted by noon, any Monday Stonehouse is open.. The Covenant Advisor will review the application for eligibility and completeness (including plot plan, color or materials samples, drawings, all pertinent measurements, and adjacent neighbors' signatures).  Neighbors' signatures are required for the Fast Track process. 

If the application meets the criteria for Fast Track and is complete, it will then be either approved or disapproved by a member of the Architectural Committee and notification will be provided by phone no later 4 p.m. on Thursdays, followed by written confirmation.  

If the application is not eligible, complete or approved, it will automatically be shifted to the regular exterior alteration process.  The decision to shift to the regular process is final.

Please consult the full text for complete information on the requirements and the kinds of alterations that will be eligible for Fast Track.


Application Deadline Meeting Date
Wed., Mar. 31, 2010 Wed., Apr. 14, 2010
Wed., Apr. 14, 2010 Wed., Apr. 28, 2010
Wed., Apr. 28, 2010 Wed., May, 12, 2010
Wed., May, 12, 2010 Wed., May 26, 2010
Wed., May 26, 2010 Wed., Jun. 9, 2010
Wed., Jun. 9, 2010 Wed., Jun. 23, 2010
Wed., Jun. 23, 2010 Wed., Jul. 7, 2010
Wed., Jul. 7, 2010 Wed., Jul. 21, 2010
Wed., Jul. 21, 2010 Wed., Aug . 4, 2010
Wed., Aug . 4, 2010 Wed., Aug. 18, 2010
Wed., Aug. 18, 2010 Wed., Sept. 1, 2010
Wed., Sept. 1, 2010 Wed., Sept. 15, 2010
Wed., Sept. 15, 2010 Wed., Sept. 25, 2010
Wed., Sept. 25, 2010 Wed., Oct. 13, 2010
Wed., Oct. 13, 2010 Wed., Oct. 27, 2010
Wed., Oct. 27, 2010 Wed., Nov . 10, 2010
Wed., Nov . 10, 2010 Tue., Nov . 23, 2010
Tue., Nov . 23, 2010 Wed., Dec. 8, 2010
Wed., Dec. 8, 2010 Tue., Dec. 22, 2010
Tue., Dec. 22, 2010 Wed., Jan. 5, 2011

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