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Board Agenda & Announcements
   The Village Board meets the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of each month at 7:30 p.m. at Stonehouse.  

The next regularly scheduled Board meeting will be
July 13, 2010
The agenda for the July 13, 2010 meeting is expected to include:

  • FY10 4th Quarter Report

  • 2010-2011 Goals

  • Village Center Master Plan

Long Reach Community Association Annual Report
Annual Report.11

You may pick up a copy of the minutes
at Stonehouse for free.

A subscription for minutes to be mailed to you for one year is available at a cost of $30 for postage and copying.

Clicking on the link below will download the most recently approved Board meeting minutes. You must have Adobe Reader for this download.  If you don't, go to www.adobe.com and download Adobe Reader, which is free.


Minutes, April 21, 2009.pdf

Minutes, May 5, 2009.pdf

Organizational Minutes, May 5, 2009.pdf

Minutes, May 19, 2009.pdf

Minutes, June 16, 2009.pdf

Minutes, July14, 2009.pdf

Minutes, Aug.18, 09.pdf

Minutes ,Oct. 6, 2009.pdf

Minutes, Nov. 2, 2009.pdf

Minutes, Nov. 17, 2009.pdf

Minutes, Dec. 1, 2009.pdf

Minutes, Jan. 5, 2010.pdf

Minutes, Feb. 2, 2010.pdf

Minutes, Feb. 16, 2010.pdf

Minutes, March  2, 2010.pdf

Minutes, March 16,2010.pdf

Minutes, April 10, 2100.pdf

Organizational Meeting Minutes, May 4, 2010.pdf

Minutes, May 5, 2010.pdf


For more information on events or activities, please contact the Village Office at Stonehouse. The office and email addresses, phone and fax numbers are listed at the top of our page.

Goals & Objectives

Long Reach Community Association

Adopted August 18, 2009

Click here to download Board's Goals for 2009/2010 Goals 2010.pdf

The purpose of the Long Reach Community Association is to enhance the quality of life for the residents by being responsive to the needs, interests and priorities of the community. It is the function of this organization to promote the health, safety, common good and social welfare of the residents.
Manage the Long Reach Community Association finances judiciously to ensure its continuation as a valuable community resource.
• Quarterly review the association’s financial records
• Annually, conduct an outside review of the association’s financial records.
• Provide oversight
Work with the community, the village center merchants and Cedar Shopping Centers to enhance the occupancy, function and appearance of the village center.
• Support the CA Art Center
• Meet with Cedar Shopping Centers bi-annually
• Meet with the Ho. Co. Police quarterly to receive security updates
• Kids Clothes Swap (Sept. & April)
• Long Reach Country Fair (Sept.)
• Encourage CA to work with the Villages to help develop Village Center Master Plans
Develop and implement measures to enhance public awareness of the role and activities of the Long Reach Community Association and to encourage greater public participation.
• Publish & mail Reach Out to every household
• Publish Quarterly Townhouse/Condo Association newsletter
• Maintain and upgrade website to incorporate recent technology
• Publish Annual Report
• Co-sponsor & attend community meetings on issues of concern
• Send welcome letters to new homeowners
• Provide informational Newcomer’s Packets to new homeowners
• Mail village election absentee ballots to all households
• Offer volunteer opportunities for the residents to participate in the village process
Continue to promote a positive image of the village and continue efforts to foster a greater sense of community within the village.
• Roots of Howard County (February)
• Searching For Spring (March)
• Kids Clothes Swap (April & September)
• Village Election (April)
• Village-wide Yard Sales (May & October)
• Long Reach Arbor Walk (June)
• Block Party Kits (June - August)
• Cul de Sac Grants (June - August)
• Neighborhood Pool Parties (July)
• Columbia International Day (July)
• Long Reach Country Fair (September)
• Halloween Party (October)
• Holiday Lights Tour (December)
• Adopt-A-Path (year-round)
• Provide an array of classes and camps
• Provide free meeting space for neighborhood watch groups
• Provide free meeting space for scout troops
• Provide reasonably priced meeting/social space at the four village facilities
Advocate transfer of the General Growth Properties site in Long Reach to Columbia Association for the development as a recreational site in Long Reach.
• Monitor potential status of the property
• Watch for community recreational needs that could be met with a facility at this site
Support and monitor Howard County’s efforts to develop the Blandair property as a regional community park.
• Village manager and several residents are members of the Howard County Blandair Task Force.
• Testify to State & County for funding to develop the site
Promote a positive image of the Village.
• Develop a sense of community through the sponsoring of various special events
• Create a positive visual image of the village through covenant compliance
• Work with CA Open Space to maintain and enhance the village's open space amenities such as the pathway, tot lots and ponds & streams
• Support CA's Watershed Endeavor
Promote and enforce village-wide compliance with the Long Reach covenants.
• Fund two part-time Covenant Advisors
• Oversee the activities of the AC and RAC
• Monitor the condition of the village center & report findings to Perrine & Wheeler
• Provide Long Reach & CA covenant packs for residents
• Respond to specific architectural or maintenance complaints made by residents & perform visual inspections of the properties.
• Maintain on-going relationship with the boards of townhouse and condominium associations to insure architectural integrity.
• Process requests for Letters of Compliance and inspect the properties for compliance to the Long Reach covenants.
• Continually review the Architectural Guidelines and the AC process to ensure a fair and efficient process
Act as advocates for the Long Reach residents on issues that affect the village.
• Monitor State and local news for items of concern to Long Reach residents’
• Provide information & referral services to the residents
• Meet with local government representatives & officials to review legislation & discuss community concerns
• Testify to local & State governmental agencies on pertinent issues to the community
• Sponsor community meetings so residents can keep informed on local issues
• Meet with CA President quarterly
• Liaise with Howard County Police
• Monitor the condition of the village's open spaces
• Work with Gateway Overlook, Snowden Overlook and the Columbia Association to annex these developments un the Long Reach Covenants
• Monitor surrounding development
• Participate in the ZRA 103 and CR29 process with the County
Continue to liaise with Howard County Police and Howard County officials to ensure public safety in the village.
• Work with Howard County Police on the "Better Together" Enhancing the Long Reach Community initiative.
• Meet quarterly with Howard County officials on community revitalization.
• Partner residents and the Howard County Police Department in developing local crime prevention programs.
Create and support initiatives to involve Long Reach youth in constructive activities.
• Sponsor Boy Scout troop
• Contribute money to local youth sports teams
• Contribute money to after-prom parties
• Advertise for teen liaison to the Long Reach Board
• Liaise with other community associations to work on teen issues
• Publish Teen Scene page in village newsletter
• Liaise with CA to support CA teen initiatives
• Collect school supplies for students
• Liaise with community organizations to organize youth activities
• Continue to seek a High School student to serve on the Board as a teen liaison


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